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Motivation Monday April 23, 2018 Social Media: Friend or Foe?

Me before Social Media, circa 2001.   (hahaha I couldn't resist. Matison Card at my First Communion...barf. Can you tell how unenthused I was about religion?)

Me before Social Media, circa 2001. 

(hahaha I couldn't resist. Matison Card at my First Communion...barf. Can you tell how unenthused I was about religion?)

            Last week I skipped out on my weekly motivation blog post because I was traveling back from Coachella Weekend 1 and didn’t want to put out anything that wasn’t well thought out or ready to be shared with the world. After ping-ponging around in my head as I barely made it through security on time, I decided against typing out a half-assed Monday Motivation post at 11:37 p.m. at LAX just to get it out “on time.” I won’t half-ass anything anymore, it’s full ass or no ass, all the time. Alright you caught me, it's always full ass... what even is no-ass? I digress. I’ve come to realize that art can’t be rushed. Life can’t be rushed. Absolutely nothing in nature is rushed and yet everything is always completed when, where, and how it's supposed to all along. With the internet and social media playing such a huge role in the way we create and relate to each other, I can’t help but wonder if some of the artistic magic is being lost due to this constant need for more new content. Not necessarily good content, just more, more, more. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Age of Instant Gratification meets Social Media. AKA The Death of Art As We Know It.

          Okay, okay, yes, I am being extremely dramatic, and I obviously recognize that social media has allowed so many like-minded people to connect and create together, BUT it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Let’s not forget that social media is NOT a portfolio, social media is NOT reality, social media is social media- a highlight reel of a person’s “life” or perceived “life.” In today’s blog post, I challenge you to take a step back and ask yourself, “Have I been making life decisions based off of what I see on Instagram?

           And if the answer is yes, “Has this decision making process been conscious or subconscious?”

         “Do you think it is healthy to make major life decisions based off of what you see other people (potentially strangers) doing online?” (More often then not, what it looks like they are doing, not what they are literally doing. Highlight reel remember.)

            I myself utilize social media platforms to get more exposure and connect with other creatives, however I did not start my modeling and acting career on Instagram nor do I intend to shape the face of my career because of it. Separation is key here. I have detached from the online realm as much as possible without losing focus on my outreach and networking through such platforms. It is a tricky tight rope to walk, but it is absolutely crucial in this day and age. I’m not telling you to delete all your social media platforms and go completely off the grind or anything (although I would probably fall in love with you instantly if you did), but I’m also not telling you to dive so deep into social media that you don’t even know what you actually like anymore, you’re just mimicking what trends you’re seeing online (subconsciously or consciously.) As cliché as it is, balance is key here. Pay attention to your tendencies and emotions surrounding social media. Does it empower you to keep pursing your dreams? Wonderful! Keep following those accounts and become inspired to live YOUR most authentic life. Feeling like you’re not enough or wishing your life looked different? Get off the internet, find your passion, and GO FOR IT! Stopping stalking those girls online who seem to have it all and go create your dream life for you! Right now! You are literally the only person standing in the way of your true happiness.