Motivation Monday April 9, 2018 Strategic Partnerships

Pictured here: Me (left) and Jude Salazar (right) Arsenic House shot by Denzel. 

Pictured here: Me (left) and Jude Salazar (right) Arsenic House shot by Denzel. 


Today marks 5 days until my 24th birthday, a celebration that's been a bit bittersweet. In the modeling industry, 18-24 is a very crucial age group. I've felt the pressure to "make it" in Hollywood before my 24th birthday for fear of being "too old" to be taken seriously since I started modeling and acting professionally at 18. I desperately wanted to be a childhood star, but my extremely wise and loving mother wouldn't allow me to do anything professionally until I was 18. At the time I absolutely hated this and tried on many occasions to convince her otherwise. She put me in every community theatre, choir, dance lesson, and even let me do a 'Legally Blonde' monologue for a casting director at age 8, but in the end she never let me do any of it professionally. When I was 16 I convinced her to let me audition for 'American Idol,' and I'm pretty sure it's the most stressed out I've ever seen her. She wanted to protect my childhood first and foremost, and as an adult I have never been more grateful to have been able to chose this career when I was ready and fully understood what the life of an actress realistically looked like. So now that I'm coming dangerously close to my 24th birthday and competing against people who were bred into this industry from birth, I have committed myself to my career tenfold.

Now, if you know me in real life you'll understand when I say that I function best when I am extremely busy with creative activities and jobs. I was already very dedicated to my career, but within the last few months I feel like I grew up ten years. I now have an accountant, an online yoga series, jewelry store, and got published in three magazines so far this year. I am releasing my first EP in less than a month, and I am writing a movie with Jude Salazar. If it's creative, I do it. All the dreams I subconsciously set aside for five or ten years down the line because I was too scared to really go for it are becoming my main focus. I am trust falling head first into my fears and my dreams. 

Too old at 24, HA! What a limiting and sad way of living that would be. "Oh, I'm just going to quit my dreams because I'm getting older."- NOT me. I think all of us dreamers have had that fear at least once in their early twenties, that if it doesn't happen young, it won't happen at all. Thank goodness anyone who thought that (including myself!) are absolutely wrong. 

What I've discovered in the last four months amidst my panic that not only is Trump still president (gag me,) but that my impending doom of being on the tail end of an imaginary age group would shortly begin, is that if I was going to do this I needed to do it full throttle, right now. I started focusing on strategic partnerships and ways to work smarter not harder. By hiring an accountant, I not only save money in the long run, but I also save time. By switching agencies I found a better fit for my personal goals and am now booking more, getting published more, and pursuing dreams far beyond modeling and what I previously perceived as possible within the next few years. I can't stress it enough: strategic partnerships, strategic partnerships, strategic partnerships! 

I often have people tell me that it seems like I have more time in a day than they do, but what they don't realize is that I have an entire team behind me. I know what my strengths and weaknesses are and rather than judging myself for being human, I capitalize on my strengths and hire people who specialize in areas that are my weaknesses.

You can 't do it alone. You shouldn't try to do it alone. You won't accomplish your dreams alone. So don't do it alone!