Published - Editorial

Published in Edition 1 of Rose Magazine. Photographer: Hannah Rose

Published in: Promo Mag (Photographer: Jethro Alaba, MUA: Susie Salazar, Hair: Alyssa Bartley, Clothing: La Bella, Long Beach, CA.)

Published in IMirage Magazine. Cover and Spread. (Photographer: Rex Yu, MUA: Kyrsta Morehouse)

Published in Archive The Mag Issue 6 (Photographer: Hannah Sesser)

Published in: in Denver Style Magazine Issue 6. Cover, Back Cover, and 6 Page Spread. (Photographer: Noah Berg)

Published in: Conceptual Magazine Edition 1. Cover and Spread. (Photographer: Kyra Fear)

Published in: Modern in Denver Magazine, Edible Flowers Campaign


Also Published in:

Cover / Spread of Cronic Magazine 

Triple Wall Ad at Union Station in Downtown Denver